Scott Bullington – President

As an entrepreneur since 1995, my primary focus has been improving the businesses of independent physicians. I have worked extensively with medical practices, both internally and externally, and gained a vast understanding of the challenges, constraints, and opportunities organizations face in the delivery of healthcare.

My early entrepreneurial role models taught me daily discipline, responsibility, accountability, and commitment to others above self. I have a passion for leadership training, business coaching, interpersonal relationships, and organizational governance. I love the deal, I live for the win, and I don’t back down from challenges. Struggles and failures are all a part of growing forward, and my faith has taught me that without them my influence upon others is significantly reduced. 

Early on, I had the pleasure of growing up in a leading regional retailer and industry innovator. Prior to departure, my position was merchandising liaison/buyer, and corporate horizontal management facilitator. What I learned in those 14 years was the importance of each person’s role in the organization and the impact they had on the processes essential to the daily success of the company. That point continues with me today as I place a high regard on the growth and well-being of an organizations staff. 

My core competencies are networking and building relationships that withstand circumstances, process development; business strategy, planning, and project management. I am not a seller, I am a solution expert. My commitment to clients is not about meeting sales goals of my company, it is about solving challenges for theirs.

Perfect Balance, LLC – DBA Integrated Medical Services
1997 – Current

IMS is a Practice Development Company founded in Revenue Cycle Management roots. As healthcare has evolved, so has our approach to supporting independent and small group physicians. IMS’ Practice Strategies Program focuses on adding value to practices and creating revenue diversity through various offerings.

Business Coaching
Business Analysis and RCM Onboarding
New Practice Startups
Existing Practice Redesigns
Network Engagement

As a consultant, I provide services focused on strategy and structure to two other business development companies that have increased annual revenues from the mid six-figures to more than $2.75 million annually.

As a consultant, I am part of a growth team that has increased revenue trends for a North Texas Imaging Company by 26% through market development and client relation services.      

International Marine Sportsman
Vice President
1995 – 1997
Marketing, Finance, International Seminar Coordinator

Michael’s MJDesigns
1982 – 1995
Merchandising Liaison/Buyer, Corporate Horizontal Management Facilitator